Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Photo Project 365- Day 8

After Eli's t-ball game went out with the fam to the Pizza Ranch! Kids had a blast but it got late. I have to admit when the kids wanted to read books I was tempted to tell them it was too late and we needed to get to sleep, but I was glad I didn't. I definitely needed the extra snuggles!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Photo Project 365- Days 6-7

June 18
Emma - For once we had a free Saturday, and we spent most of it outdoors! In between helping mom plant flowers and pulling weeds in the garden the kiddos found time to play! :) Unfortunately the extra large soccer ball didn't make it through the weekend.

Eli- My little tough guy! He loves to be active, he enjoyed playing baseball with dad, and wrestling around with everyone! He definitely sleeps well at night!

Mason - Reading time with daddy!

June 19
Emma, Eli, and Mason
Father's Day! After church we took Joe's dad to Swan City Park for the annual Car show. After many reminders not to touch we found a nice guy who let both Emma and Eli sit inside and toot the horn, a much needed break for some impatient kiddos who couldn't wait for ice cream! Ice cream was greatly appreciated by all, and we realized again that Mason does not like to share cones with Mommy or Daddy! Thanks to Grandma he got his own. Daddy, Mason, and Eli went with some matching superman t's and Eli did his best to cover his head when we got a little rain, Mason followed suit.

Photo Project 365 - Day 3-5

June 15-
Emma, Eli, & Mason- It was rainy outside today so we decided to have a little music jam session to get our bodies moving!

June 16-
Emma- This is our I'm not ready to go to bed face! :)
Eli- Bubble time, for some reason all the kiddos decided to walk around the house chanting "We're Not Scared" Not sure whose idea it was but realized today how loud 7 kids can be!
Mason- This is Mason's "smile for the camera" face! Typically I try to have clothes on my children but this was the day we were having family photos taken and I didn't want them getting pizza sauce all over their white shirts! :)

June 17
Emma- Her kitty Tommy! She's an animal lover!
Eli- Eli absolutely loves to play in the water! He found this hose attachment in our shed and wants to play with it all the time!
Mason- He ♥'s McQueen!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Photo Project 365 - Day 2

Emma - Little miss personality! Loves the camera, either in front of it or behind it! :)

Eli - Look mom I'm Santa!

Mason - Enjoying a Culvers treat, along with some free face painting and balloons, after Emma's softball game.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Blogger Idea Stealer!

So I admit it, I probably spend more time stalking other blogs, trying to find fun ideas from anything like recipes, activities for kiddos, craft projects,etc etc than I actually do following through with said ideas. That being said I'm going to attempt a follow through of actual idea stolen...

Photo Project 365!!
Ok so technically I was probably suppose to start Jan 1st but I'm not a rule follower! Who says I can't start June 13! I'm gonna try for a photo of each of my 3 special kiddos a day, not too tough, I'm hoping! So here begins my journey, and hopefully a successful follow through!

Keep hanging in there all you blog readers, I have high hopes for myself to keep you informed in the awesomeness that is my life! :)

Photo Project 365
Day1 - June 13

Emma Marie - 1 day after her 8th birthday, my beautiful girl looking so grown up! Lovin summer, they'd be in their swimsuits all day if I'd let them!

Eli - Big sweet smile, my always active little man hanging with his buds and having a blast! Riding around in the jeeps is a big thing right now! Thankfully I haven't had to break up too many fights over who gets to ride in them. Considering we have 3 and the neighbors have 2!

Mason- My little stinker! Chillin at Eli's T-ball game! Later he was sneakin gum and attempting to hide so that we wouldn't see him! Goof!