Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Frozen Yogurt Bites

The word NO seems to be a large part of my vocabulary lately. Mason: "Mom can I have a fruit roll up for breakfast" Me: "No" Eli: "Mom, can I be ungrounded and play the Wii" Me: "NO" With out intending to I feel as though the word NO is almost an immediate response to some of the things my kids ask of me. The truth is my life can be somewhat of a chaotic mess. I  tell myself I'll take more time to do things with the kids when I get organized and the house is ALWAYS clean. The thing is the mess will always be there to take care of, but the moments I spend with my kids watching them play will be gone in what seems like a snap of my fingers. Anyway, before I get any more sappy my point is I need to learn to lighten up, let go of my expectations for myself a little and learn to say YES! So the other day when Emma asked if we could make frozen yogurt bites again I figured what the heck, I even gave up the right to do it myself and let them have full control. It's these little things that I hope they remember some day.

If you've never made these before they are SO easy and seem to be a big hit with kids (at least mine anyway). Use any of your flavored yogurt and spoon it into a ziploc bag and snip off a tip, make it small otherwise it comes out in huge globs. To make it even easier you can use gogurts and not have to mess with the ziploc. Squeeze onto a cookie sheet, place in the freezer (maybe 20-30 minutes), pop them out and ENJOY. Eat fast they melt quickly especially on a hot day.  Yes, I got this lovely idea from Pinterest!