Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Morning

I've been reading a book and it talks about mom's just being real with each other. So this is me being real. I'm a little afraid, because for some reason I feel the need to act like I have it all together. In actuality I'm far from it. I'm gonna make this short, because while I do this I'm ignoring my two oldest, nicely the little guy is sleeping. :)

Me being real on a Tuesday morning.....
I hate waking up. Partly because usually I stay up too late, and partly because I'm not looking forward to the housework ahead of me. But this morning didn't start off too bad. I made it up to shower and was nicely surprised to hear that my neighbor was probably not going to bring over their kids(I watch their two kids m-th). It didn't take long for something to go wrong however. Note to self: Do not take little guys diaper off without immediately replacing it with a fresh one. Um duh! In my attempts to clean up his mess from breakfast and try to give dog her medication my little one had left me a small gift on the carpet. I thought for a moment that we had acquired a rabbit in the house! I managed to stay calm and clean up the mess.
An hour later, I heard form my 4 year old little man, "mom I had an accident" shortly after he had ran up from the toy room telling me he had to go potty! Yep sure enough pee on the rug directly in front of the toilet. I admit I got a little mad, but when Eli asked me why I was mad at him, I told myself to calm down. " I'm not mad at you buddy, I'm mad at the situation." But he's now had another bath, and my floor is probably cleaner than what it was before. So it's not all bad. It's only 9:30 however so we'll see where the day goes from here! :)

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