Monday, June 13, 2011

Blogger Idea Stealer!

So I admit it, I probably spend more time stalking other blogs, trying to find fun ideas from anything like recipes, activities for kiddos, craft projects,etc etc than I actually do following through with said ideas. That being said I'm going to attempt a follow through of actual idea stolen...

Photo Project 365!!
Ok so technically I was probably suppose to start Jan 1st but I'm not a rule follower! Who says I can't start June 13! I'm gonna try for a photo of each of my 3 special kiddos a day, not too tough, I'm hoping! So here begins my journey, and hopefully a successful follow through!

Keep hanging in there all you blog readers, I have high hopes for myself to keep you informed in the awesomeness that is my life! :)

Photo Project 365
Day1 - June 13

Emma Marie - 1 day after her 8th birthday, my beautiful girl looking so grown up! Lovin summer, they'd be in their swimsuits all day if I'd let them!

Eli - Big sweet smile, my always active little man hanging with his buds and having a blast! Riding around in the jeeps is a big thing right now! Thankfully I haven't had to break up too many fights over who gets to ride in them. Considering we have 3 and the neighbors have 2!

Mason- My little stinker! Chillin at Eli's T-ball game! Later he was sneakin gum and attempting to hide so that we wouldn't see him! Goof!

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