Sunday, June 19, 2011

Photo Project 365 - Day 3-5

June 15-
Emma, Eli, & Mason- It was rainy outside today so we decided to have a little music jam session to get our bodies moving!

June 16-
Emma- This is our I'm not ready to go to bed face! :)
Eli- Bubble time, for some reason all the kiddos decided to walk around the house chanting "We're Not Scared" Not sure whose idea it was but realized today how loud 7 kids can be!
Mason- This is Mason's "smile for the camera" face! Typically I try to have clothes on my children but this was the day we were having family photos taken and I didn't want them getting pizza sauce all over their white shirts! :)

June 17
Emma- Her kitty Tommy! She's an animal lover!
Eli- Eli absolutely loves to play in the water! He found this hose attachment in our shed and wants to play with it all the time!
Mason- He ♥'s McQueen!

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