Monday, November 28, 2011

21 Days-Getting Organized Challege ~ Day One

So I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed with all the "stuff" that seems to have accumulated in our home in only a few years! Seriously it's hard to believe that it's been four years since we had a house fire and lost most everything! How is it even possible that we have filled it so quickly with so much "stuff''! It is seriously ridiculous! Anyhoo I'm having a go at a plan to get organized!! 21 Days - Getting Organized Challege to be exact! Found it on Pinterest! Love that site! The blog A bowl full of lemons is where it's at! Not sure I'm gonna follow it exactly to the tee everyday but it's a start. Is it pathetic that it took me almost all day to clear out 3 junk drawers!! :)
This is before:
Drawer #1

Drawer #2
Drawer #3

Scary right! I'm actually embarressed to show these!! And it's not just one, but 3 junk drawers!! Hello you have so much junk you need 3 DRAWERS!!!

Moving on it was actually impressive what I found inside!
Mason was excited I found his Robin mask! Now Batman has his sidekick!

1 Kindle charger, 5 earphones, 2 Mp3 players, 1  2-way adapter, 1 USB charging cable, 1handsfree cell phone set.

2 childproof safety latches, 4 childproof outlet plugs, 1 attachment for child safety gates. Apparently my house is not very childproof :)

3 toy cars, 1 leapfrog game, 2 3-D Dinosaur puzzles, 6 misc Lego/K'nex pieces, 2 puzzle pieces from 2 different puzzles, 4 misc game pieces, 2 diary locks with 1 set of keys, 5 Nerf darts, 2 colered stones, 2 barrettes, 1 haritie, 8 bracelets +1 watch bracelet, crayon sharpener, 2 mini notebooks, 8 misc Go Fish game cards, 1 set of playing cards, 1 matchbox toy jet, friendship bracelet string, Fish Net magnet puzzle piece, Learning counting bear & Learning link, silly key chain, Dinosaur toy, Hunting figurine hat, Handy Mandy screw, mini flashlight keychain, bracelet links, train set piece, matchbox set wrench, and one googlie eye! 

6 pairs of sunglasses

3 tape measures, 1 mini tape measure, compass, screwdriver, 2 lighters, wire? (not sure where that came from) 4 rubber round somethings??? 1 pegboard hook, 3 flashlights, black tubing? again not sure about that one, and 1 set of kids garden gloves.

2 Special notes one from my mom and another from my sweet little girl, 1 handmade coupon book from same sweet little girl. :) 1 birthday card for Eli with money still inside! Stack pile of coupons most of them still useable, 5 gift cards, 6 Pizza Ranch Gift Certificates, 47 pizza ranch tickets,  3 YMCA free passes, 17 scoopie tokens (yep already used 10 for free kids meal) 8 free ice cream tokens.

Rabies certificate and tag for cat, 2 measurement cards from doctor appts for Eli and Mason, 2 YMCA Swim progress reports for Emma and Eli.

This is the organizer I bought in my attempt to become more organized. :) See how organized it looks. Drawer got too full so I moved it to the counter. :)

2 old cell phones, 1 back massager, 1 dry erase doorknob message board, 1 set of ear plugs, 1 barbie bathtub scrubber,4 foam chair protectors, 1 Mr Potato Head glasses, Hot Wheels Car Silly Bandz, 1 small notebook, 1 foam bathtub letter, Zhu Zhu pet Kungfu sword, Bracelet, Stylus, owners manual, K'nex instruction manual.

3 Birthday candles and 9 old clothespins

1 coaster, 2 remotes, 1 battery charged candle, 2 sticky tack packs, feathers, 1 button, 1 small dowel rod, 1 sun catcher, 2 rock tumbler kits.

2 bags of allowance money (totaling $1.38) and $2.40 more in loose change.

3 wallets

a bunch of magnetic photo holders.

In addition to all of that: 3 small notebooks, 6 phonebooks, 2 MOPS directories, 2 student directories, 3 take-out menus, 2 rulers, 1 kids scissors, glue, 7 markers, 5 crayons, 7 colered pencils, glitter scratch-it notebook, 2 devotional books for kids, 2 Bibles, 1 container for batteries. And the finished results.........Drum roll please..............


I actually have extra space! Now if I can just keep them that way! Day 1 I'm feeling pretty good!

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