Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Beginning to look a little like Christmas....

Sorry all if you're expecting Day 2 of the challege it will have to wait.  Instead we went and got our Christmas tree! :) So our tradition is to pick out our tree together and cut it down.

When we get it home we all make homemade pizza together,

and then it's time to decorate the tree!

We did decide that the tree we got this year is a tad fat for the space we have but I think it still looks great! Joe and I hung the lights and we let the kids decorate it themselves, partly because at that point I was wiped out! I'm sure I'll have to do a few miner adjustments to the placement of ornaments! :) I made hot apple cider this year, a tradition I'd like to add every year! Yum! And decided next year I'm bringing hot chocolate to the tree farm! :) Now it feels a little bit more like Christmas!

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